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Hey!!!! Ok sooo this is also an off topic blog, but I guess it's ok. Well ok so let me tell you about something if some of you guys are my regular readers than you may be wondering why haven't I posted a story for soo a long a time? Well actually I busy writing two novell!  Basically they are short novels not too long and boring. They are novels which can be called extended version of my short stories. So where to find them? Well if you guys know or have the app named web novel than you know the destination and maybe you might have even read my novel up until now. Ok soo who don't know what web novel is, it's basically an app which lets you write and read infinite numbers of books online for free. They have male as well as female leads. From more than 22 genre to select from ranging from romance to action web novel has everything. Well the name of my first complete novel is "inheritance from a stranger " available on web novel. Ok but remember this post is not

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